My Proven Method To Transforming Confidence and Motivation In Kids

Your child will transform their confidence and motivation with the Unstoppable U app! 

It's an engaging and easy-to-use platform with workshops, live calls, and community challenges that make personal growth FUN for kids.

Why Unstoppable U?

Making Personal Growth Fun For Kids

Science-backed principles that lead to transformation for the whole family!

Weekly Student Sessions

1:1 Access to Coach Will

Parent Coaching

Student sessions every week are engaging and completely anonymous! Will's energy, humor, and story-telling makes coaching incredibly relatable to kids. Students are excited each and every week to hear what Will has to say and know they're not alone in their struggles!

Access to the leading personal growth coach for teens is the unfair advantage your child needs to become their most confident and balanced self. Your child can ask questions and get personalized advice from Coach Will so they can get unstuck and see results faster. 

Coach Will delivers daily strategies for busy and stressed out parents. With weekly tips and challenges, biweekly parent sessions, a community forum to get individualized advice, and a video library with all of Will's BEST advice, this is also your guide to parenting tweens and teens.

Engaging Games & Prizes

Anonymous Calls

Parent Forums

Every week, students engage in a weekly challenge where healthy competition and fun prizes incentivize real growth. The student community is encouraging and active, motivating kids to compete in the challenges and implement the new habits they're learning.

Unlike many student programs, Unstoppable U kids are completely anonymous. So even if your kiddo is uncertain, they'll find their voice and fully engage without any social pressure.

Parenting is hard! Don't do it alone. If you've ever wanted advice from Coach Will or the perspectives of parents who get it, you'll love the community forum. Get answers, encouragement, and support so you stay motivated and empowered in your parenting.

 "I'm more confident and can understand my feelings. I haven't been sad as much anymore. When I make a mistake, I can still stay positive."

- Student of Unstoppable U

Benefits of the App

Where Could Your Child Be In 6 Months?

They'll be equipped with the tools to thrive, not survive.

They will look within for confidence and stop relying on the opinions of others for their worth which means less emotional rollercoaster and more consistent self esteem!

Instead of the late homework crisis, they'll develop a balanced routine that allows them less stress, more free time, and the momentum to stay on top of responsibilities. 

They will develop a growth mindset towards fear and failure, so they stop playing victim to their circumstances, encouraging responsibility and empowerment. 

They will cultivate better habits around video games and screen time so they quit avoiding stress and fighting time limits and instead, create a healthy balance.

They will recognize negative thoughts and improve their attitude towards school, life, and themselves so they smile more, make friends easier, and learn the power of their voice. 

They will better manage their time and distractions so they get more done in less time, which means less procrastination for them and less stress and nagging for you!

From Reluctant To Excited

Don't think your kid will buy in? Think again.

What's Included?

Here's what you get with your Unstoppable U membership:


Weekly LIVE Sessions

Your child is invited to Will's LIVE group coaching sessions! There are 5 time slots to choose from, so you'll find a time that works for your family's busy schedule! 


Biweekly Parent Sessions

Parenting sessions that teach you how to best support your child!

Parenting Forums


Gamification & Gift Cards

Every week, kids have an opportunity to win Amazon gift cards up to $10! Sometimes $30!

Get personalized feedback from Will, connect with other parents, and find resources on a specific challenge you’re facing with your teen!


Student Challenges

Your child will be inspired to take part in fun challenges that help with habits, screen time, comfort zones and more!


Video Library and Courses

A library of 50+ in-depth trainings to help you connect with your child and feel less stress than ever before.


Daily Posts

From daily encouragement to memes and GIFs, Will's daily posts not only keep coaching relatable and fun, but empowers students to crush their goals and take action!


Workshop Recordings

Every student and parent workshop Will has ever recorded is in Unstoppable U! Listen to the audio versions on your commute or enjoy them with a cup of coffee!

"I was skeptical, but now it's given me a new perspective on setting goals, getting through life, and being successful."

— Ben, 10th grader, Michigan

Kids love Unstoppable U, but don't take our word for it!

Here's what the kids think of the program:

This app has helped me so much with my confidence and self-esteem! I'm so happy I joined Unstoppable U!

Unstoppable U has been extremely fun and beneficial to me. I've learned and grown in so many ways, and Will truly cares for you and wants you to succeed. 

At first, I was a little reluctant about this. Now I love it, and I'm looking forward to each call!




 I love the energy that Coach Will brings and the way he gets people to engage with him! I have better insight on how to improve my confidence now.

This app has boosted my confidence. It's helped me use positive self-talk instead of negative self-talk.

I would rate coaching a 1,000 out of 10. I loved learning about self-talk and confidence, and it helped me stay more positive and complete things I didn't want to do. I'm way more confident and can understand my feelings. Also, I haven't been sad as much anymore. I think when I make a mistake, I can still stay positive.



I am thrilled to be part of the Unstoppable U community. I joined because Coach Will's amazing energy and confidence really spoke to me.

I really enjoyed how funny Will is and how he makes it fun to learn about stuff. I feel like it helped me think to myself a lot better, and it taught me what to say to myself and to have tasks to do so I can do some more tasks.



I recommend it because all the advice he spent time talking about was amazing and helped me build confidence over the weeks.


Thanks for always being so positive and making my life more fun and fulfilling, Coach Will!


I'd rate coaching a 10/10!


I rate it 10/10! 



92.6% of kids rate Unstoppable U a 8 out of 10 or higher.

I don't know about you, but for tweens and teens to rate personal growth that high... that's pretty dang awesome!

About Me

Hey, I’m Coach Will! 👋

I’m the middle-man between you and your kids.

I’ve been a leading life coach for tweens and teens for over 5 years. I also have an audience of over 1 million parents who value a younger perspective toward inspiring the hearts of kids and teaching parents how to best support them.

Am I a parent expert? Heck no.. (I’m 26 and without kids). Am I a teen expert? I am. Can I open your kiddo's heart to receive the life-changing advice you wish they'd take from you? Absolutely, yes! 

What you’re seeing with this app is 5 years of my best strategies and advice all come together into one engaging, easy-to-use platform that will make lasting impact for decades to come. 

It’s often said "it takes a village to raise a child and ten to raise a teen". I’d be honored to play even the tiniest role in that village— helping your child reach that amazing potential we both know they have.


Upcoming Sessions in Unstoppable U!

Screen Time

Week of March 31st

In this session, kids will learn the secret behind why they struggle with screen time. They'll be empowered to take back their free time and reduce their stress by implementing screen time strategies. 

Introduction to Confidence

Week of April 7th

We'll define what confidence is and what it's not, providing kids with the clarity they need to pursue confidence, stay motivated, and see results! 

4 Ways to Build Confidence

Week of April 14th

This session will dive deep into 4 ways to be more confident. Kids will be empowered by tangible strategies and a new mental framework so they can embrace failure, do hard things, manage screen time, and increase their self-worth.

The Self-Talk Cycle

Week of April 21st

The key to personal growth, discipline, success, confidence, and contentment (the list goes on) is self-talk. In this session, we'll get clear on the results of positive self-talk, the dangers of negative self-talk, and the first steps to change how you speak to yourself.

Membership Pricing

There's a reason why Will is the leading life coach for kids!

Save 12%

Save 12%

Monthly Plan

6 Month Plan


/ month*


/ month*

($247 billed today for 6-month access)

(Billed every month)

✅ Biweekly parenting sessions 

✅ Parenting community and forums

✅ LIVE parent Q&A's

✅ Exclusive livestreams for parents

✅ Parent video library and courses

✅ Weekly student sessions

✅ Student courses and videos

✅ Student posts & accountability

✅ Buy-In Call* w/ Will ($180 Value)

✅ Buy 5 Months, Get 1 FREE ($47                   Value)

✅ Biweekly parenting sessions

✅ Parenting community and forums

✅ LIVE parent Q&A's

✅ Exclusive livestreams for parents

✅ Parent video library and courses

✅ Weekly student sessions

✅ Student courses and videos

✅ Student posts & accountability

❌ Buy-In Call* w/ Will ($180 Value)

❌ Buy 5 Months, Get 1 FREE! ($47                  Value)

*$247 billed today. Renews in 6 months

*$47 billed today. Renews every month

*What's a Student Buy-In Call? 🤔

When you enroll in the 6-month plan, Coach Will will meet with your kiddo for an introductory call to get them not only open, but also EXCITED about coaching! 

This buy-in call has a 98% success rate and can be scheduled for evenings or weekends ($180 value)!

"This app has been the best! It has helped me so much with my confidence and self-esteem! I'm so happy I joined Unstoppable U!"

- Student of Unstoppable U

Got questions? I got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What topics will Unstoppable U cover? 

Every quarter, Unstoppable U covers a different topic. This quarter is all about confidence. Topics include building self-worth, cutting screen time, dealing with comparison, coping with social issues, doing hard things, taking action, and creating productive self-talk. 

What age is your coaching designed for? 

The app is designed for tweens and teens, so it would be most beneficial to kids ages 11-18. In middle and high school, kids are figuring out who they are and what defines them, but they also aren’t super eager to receive their parent’s advice on the subject. So, this is the perfect time to introduce them to a positive community of personal growth.

How much anonymity do the kids have? 

The live sessions are fully anonymous! No cameras or names are shared to ensure kids feel as safe as possible while still getting TONS of value from the sessions! Kids can create their own usernames so they can control how anonymously they appear on the app. 

Where can I find an example of the content?

You can find a sample session here!

What about parent coaching?

The app also has content for parents! In the parent sessions, you will learn how to communicating more effectively and helping them build the habits they need to thrive. You’ll also have access to weekly parent challenges and tips, so you’ll have bite-sized, practical strategies delivered to you daily. 

When are the live student and parent sessions?  

In Mountain Standard Time (MST), the student sessions are scheduled at Sunday 9am, Sunday 4:30pm, Tuesday at 5pm, and Wednesday at 7pm! 

Are the sessions recorded? 

Yes! If you can’t make it live or if you want to rewatch a session, recordings are available in the workshop library. 

What if my kid doesn’t like the program? 

In the very unlikely event that your kiddo doesn’t fall in love with Unstoppable U, just reach out, and we’ll strategize the next steps. I also offer refunds if that is best for your family! 

When does the Confidence Cohort start and end?

The next program in Unstoppable U, The Confidence Cohort, begins on March 31 and ends 12 weeks later on June 23. 

Do you offer 1:1 coaching? 

I do offer individual coaching, but kids prefer the Unstoppable U app. They like it, it’s just as effective, and it’s much cheaper! 

How many sessions occur each week? 

Students are encouraged to go to 1 session per week. For parents, there is 1 biweekly session. 

What does a family membership include?

A family membership includes 1 parent account and accounts for the kids. 

What's the time commitment like? We're a busy family!

The weekly sessions are 45 minutes long! In addition to the sessions, I recommend students spend 10 minutes in the app per week to check in with the challenges and daily posts!

What's the difference between this and therapy?

Great question! Therapy focuses on healing past trauma and can take months or years to see progress. Therapy is best for kids whose main obstacle is mental health issues. This program is MUCH more affordable than traditional therapy and I focus on equipping kids with strategies they can immediately implement! Both rock, but are very different from eachother!

Worried Your Kiddo Won't Buy In?

That's why Coach Will does buy-in calls! With a 98% success rate, your child will not only be open to Will's coaching, but excited! If not, you get your money back.

(Only available with the 6-month plan)

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